Nikhun Baskin Robbins CF Ice Cream

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Some people are stealing my files and make them as their, i spend a lot of time to upload them and scann from my own collection, if i took some article or photo i always give credit but it seems like other people are not fair, so i decided if i won”t have comments under the post if person download file will be locked , i can’t do updates because i don’t know if this post you guys like. Besides i will make my files private and only logged people at my site will have chance to download that files and look at blog, i can check how many peole are downloading files and if i would have person who i now i will trust them and let downloading because peson who is copying my blog won’t be stelling them again if i would know the person who is commenting and downloading. If you want to support me please do that because i don’t want to spend my time if i must be informed from friends about thing like that.


Kara First Blooming Scans

unseen scans of kara first album from original cd 🙂 i made file private and if you won’t be leaving comments about that if you liked and want more things like that i will do the mediaifre file private and only peson who will be loged in this side will have chance to download that. ( 17 pictures on zip file)

zip file:                      



2PM LG Anycall Pictures

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Kara Star Shop


Kara Crown Bakery 2010

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zip file:  on the end of post( I  not posted all pictures  in this updates , all pictures  are in the zip file )

Khuntoria mini Drama + performance cut (Think About U)

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