Some people are stealing my files and make them as their, i spend a lot of time to upload them and scann from my own collection, if i took some article or photo i always give credit but it seems like other people are not fair, so i decided if i won”t have comments under the post if person download file will be locked , i can’t do updates because i don’t know if this post you guys like. Besides i will make my files private and only logged people at my site will have chance to download that files and look at blog, i can check how many peole are downloading files and if i would have person who i now i will trust them and let downloading because peson who is copying my blog won’t be stelling them again if i would know the person who is commenting and downloading. If you want to support me please do that because i don’t want to spend my time if i must be informed from friends about thing like that.


3 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT !

  1. aww don’t be discouraged I know how you feel when people steal your files but this is a common problem with the internets 😦

    I think you should only allow people that comment to download files or maybe only people that register on the site. This way you can keep track of what some people are doing.

  2. I know your feeling. My files always be stealed! But if they steal your files by posting ur upload links on their site, u should be happy because it will make u become more popular & u can make a lot of money from the people who download ur files! So, be happy!^^

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