Only few peoples are leaving comments,and a lot of people are downloading so i decided to send password to my files at e-mail when you will leave comment( opinion about video or what you want to say to me you do’t have to write i want password because i will send you that automatically when you will leve few words under the post) , without comment you can’t download file.

23 thoughts on “PLEASE READ THIS

  1. Hi megan.
    very thank for your upload all in this blog, but can u send me the password of 2011 KARADISE SEASONS GREETING.I’m waiting so long…:(

    Thank again.

  2. hello, megan, very sincerely thanks you made this blog and collect too many kpop’s stuff,
    i very want to see “[DVD] 2011 KARADISE SEASONS GREETING” can you please send me the password ?
    i will thank you from my heart~~>”<

  3. hi there, i’ve been searching this photos of some kpop groups specially KARA, but, how can i download it? can you send me the password?


  4. Hello, Megan. (: I really want to download some videos at here (for f(x) , dance battle 2010, MV, Live HD etc) ^^ Can you send me the password?
    thank very much youโ€™re the best megan :))

  5. Hello,Megan.

    I am so glad to be here and find KARA’s rare videoes which I’ve never find on any other website.

    Could you tell me the pass words for those video-files,please?

    Kara old perf- If you wanna and Break it HD
    KARA Han Game Cafe CF All Members.rar
    Kara Free Style Cf HD
    KARA โ€“ Morning Idol Big Show [2009.10.03]

  6. i also want the password 4 2011 KARADISE SEASONS GREETING…omg,i`am waiting for this 4 so long…pliz send me the password…tq

  7. hi there megan,,
    thanks for your hard work..
    have a great christmas,, and it would be really nice that you can send me the password..

    thanks a lot

  8. Annyeong!

    I just came across your blog and it’s DAEBAK! You have videos that I cannot find at other sites. Thank you for uploading em’. Appreciate your hard work.

    Btw, can I please have the password for ‘BEAST โ€“ Odaiba Gasshuukoku Mezamashi Live Concert 2011 (2011.07.17) HD’? I would like to download it and watch. Hope to receive your email soon. (:

  9. Thanks for your hard work.. I’m a big fan of park min young and i appreciate it, if you send me the password.thank so much, great blog!!!!
    Park Min Young โ€“ Vogue Girl Magazine January 2011

  10. I forget my email password …
    so,Can I wear my mother’s email??????????????
    thanks,please reply ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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