About My Blog

My blog is about kpop music and artists, i will upload here HD MV’s, performances, pictures and probably albums so keep watching and leave a comments 🙂

16 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. Hi, megankpop. If you have time, can i request you to help me design the header banner of this site(http://www.j-mp3.info) which is 979px in width and 110px in height with a variety of kpop & jpop artists coz i know you’re really pro in finding nice pictures so i think you can combine & decorate the pictures very pro. If can i want to request the swf flash 3d ones. This is just my request. If can, i will really thx for you! ^^ As an example, just like this site header banner http://www.pmp-entertainment.com It’s in flash which use program softwares.

    • i can’t do this flash animations, i may cut and find nice pictures, do so combinate and cuts for header but i can’t do animations and i will be able to do this at the end of may, around 24 may because i will have all may and now exams ending school so i must be prepared for that. As i said earlier i may do that but without animation and around 24 may if you want deal like that then we can do that 🙂

      • OK, i think no need animations. You can help me, I’m very happy now coz just find a person who can help for doing this great job! Yay, really happy. Try your best for exam & also my header. If you need any help that i can help, i will also can help you. If you don’t mind, i will affilite your blog in my affiliate page.

      • of course i don’t mind if you add link for my blog to your site, i will help and do couples headers and you will chose but later around termin i told you 🙂

  2. If can, can i request for including the stylish word
    Download The Latest Japanese, Korean & Chinese Music’ in the pictures.
    It will be great.

    Really thx you very muchhyy!^^

  3. hi!i’m new here in your blog,and i really adore the pictures posted here.
    and how u really kind that you help others to find new pictures of their idol.
    Thank you!!! so much.

    btw do u have new pics of japanese idol

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